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As we continue to compile our design and concept catalogue, we have some further reflections on Elwell building use by James Williams of 4orm. Here are representations of Elwell products at a golf course and in a rail setting. Whilst the images depict the products in Juniper green and Raven, products can be provided in a range of colours.

The ‘Greenkeeper’ is manufactured from UK made steel (TATA) at our factory unit in Blackheath. With its inherent recyclability and high recycled content, and the short distance from source to customer, provides a very sustainable and cost-effective solution to storage/modular building needs.It’s also important to note that ‘Greenkeeper’ is a generic term and the design for these buildings can be almost infinitely adapted.

James provided two images of this scene; one with a train in motion (pictured) and one with a static train. Given that we like rail travel – particularly when coupled with a folding bike – we felt we’d rather depict the promise of speedy, efficient travel!

The images here will be part of the foundation for our concept catalogue of storage and cycling security solutions.