Odoni-Elwell is a company with two product streams; Cycle storage solutions under the trade name ‘Odoni’ and multi purpose modular buildings under the trade name ‘Elwell buildings’. You are currently reading the Elwell blog.

Elwell buildings have been constructing building solutions for well over a century. We specials in modular buildings for a variety of storage requirements, largely constructed from steel and clad with corrugated or profile steel sheeting. More recently we’ve added Cedarwood timber and green roofs to our suite of products. Our sustainability credentials are excellent:

1. All steel buildings are manufactured out of product that contains approximately 55% recycled content.

2. With our steel buildings, almost 100% of the product is recyclable at end of life.

3. Wooden buildings are constructed from steel and Cedar wood sourced from sustainable forestry in North America. If treated and maintained the wood has a long lifespan and biogrades at end of life.

4. Adding a green roof will contribute to urban sustainability efforts; it reduces run off and flood risk, it enhances biodiversity in an urban setting, it reduces the ‘albedo effect‘ of buildings and softens the urban landscape, encouraging wellbeing.

5. All of our products are manufactured at our West Midlands factory, ensuring a UK product for a UK and European market. Wherever possible, we try to purchase all of our products and services from a UK or EU source (Cedarwood being the only major exception).

Elwell supersafe - a sustainable solution for storage problems.


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