Is green the new slate?

The flora from our initial tests.

As you may have gathered, we like neat answers to complex problems – particularly if a bike is involved. This part of the world (UK) is not getting any drier (at certain times of the year at least) and flash flooding is a real problem. Last week I cycled home through Llandaff North and water was running down the main road in a torrent, pushing up manhole covers and threatening to extend the water above the hubs on my Birdy. No-way Jose; I used my local knowledge to ride through the back streets (I used to live on the wonderfully named Pommergelli Road, just around the corner).  Anyway…..the point being that violent, sudden deluges overburden water management systems (drain pipes and sewers to you and me) resulting in problems. One contribution towards solving these is green roofs. So to give a further twist to the sustainability of bike shelters and racking systems, we’ve developed a bike shelter with a green roof. Containing soil, a membrane and appropriate flora, It’ll soak up rain, flower in season and soften the urban landscape. Towns and cities look so much prettier when dotted with little green oases; especially when there are bikes parked beneath them. All being well, we’ll be showcasing the turf and photographs of the protoype at the London bike show.

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